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Install Insulated Windows for Insurance and Other Benefits

By January 6, 2015No Comments

How many windows are in your house? While they allow natural light to bathe your house in warm sunshine, they can also provide insurance and other benefits if they’re insulated.


Lower Heating and Cooling Costs


Up to 60 percent of your home’s hot or cold air easily escapes through single pane windows. You’ll feel drafts when you stand near those non insulated window, and you’ll notice an increase in your heating and cooling costs.


Installing insulated windows is a large expense since costs range from several hundred to a thousand dollars per window. You’ll quickly make that money back as you lower your heating and cooling expenses by at least 10 percent, though.


Reduce Noise


Barking dogs, busy roads and other outdoor sounds create unwanted noise inside your home. With insulated windows, you won’t hear as many disturbing noises and will be able to enjoy your sanctuary in peace.


Increase Security


Single paned windows break easily, allowing burglars to enter your home whenever they want. Plus, older windows may not feature secure locks. You protect your home, possessions and family when you install secure insulated windows. With this benefit, you could save money on your home’s insurance costs.


Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions


Homes cause up to 28 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. Double paned insulated windows cut those emissions and protect the environment.


Insulated Window Options


While insulated double pane windows provide numerous benefits, you do have other temporary and affordable options.


  • Thermal reflective plastic attaches easily to drapery rods or hooks on a window’s four corners. While it filters roughly half of the natural light, you can still see outside and remove the plastic whenever you want.
  • Heated shrink film is also easy to apply and remove as needed. Typically clear, it insulates your windows without affecting your view.


In the long run, insulated windows provide numerous home insurance and other benefits. That’s why you should strongly consider replacing your home’s old windows with insulated windows as soon as possible.