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Does Your Newborn Need Life Insurance?

By February 2, 2015No Comments

You’ve recently welcomed a baby into your family, and now you’re ready to plan for your child’s future. You already know that life insurance is a wise financial decision for you, but does your newborn need life insurance?


Lock in Affordable Rates


Compare rates for a newborn life insurance policy and one designed for senior adults, and you’ll see that the newborn policy costs less. Life insurance companies know that young customers typically live longer, which decreases their risk of payout. By purchasing a policy now, you snag affordable rates while your child is young and healthy.


Assure Your Child’s Insurability


Insuring your infant does more than secure the best life insurance policy rates. It also ensures your child’s future insurability. In the future, illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer affect your child’s ability to buy affordable life insurance. That’s why families choose to insure their healthy infants and assure their future insurability.


Provide for End of Life Expenses


It seems a little silly to think about paying for your newborn’s funeral.  However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 4,246 children under the age of four died in 2011 from birth defects, genetic disorders and accidents. Life insurance covers burial and funeral costs, which gives you peace of mind and financial protection.


Give Your Child a Financial Head Start


Life insurance is typically available as term or whole life coverage. Either option provides essential coverage, but term life insurance usually costs less.


*Term insurance covers the policy holder for a set time frame. For example, buy your newborn a 15-year term life insurance policy, and your child is insured until he or she turns 15. In cases, this type of policy can be renewed.


*Whole life insurance provides a lifetime of coverage and builds cash value. As an alternative to an IRA or 529 Plan, whole life insurance gives you a way to save for your child’s future while providing life insurance for him or her.


Life insurance is designed to replace the primary wage earner’s income as it provides for the survivors’ financial needs. Purchasing a policy for your newborn can be a good idea, though, especially after you purchase adequate life insurance for yourself. Then weigh the pros and cons of newborn life insurance and talk to your insurance agent as you make this decision.