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Umbrella Insurance Covers Invasion of Privacy

By April 1, 2015No Comments

Invasion of privacy covers everything from pictures you post on your blog to cameras in fitting rooms. If you’re a victim, you can file a lawsuit against the person responsible and recover damages. However, what if you or someone in your home is the perpetrator? Umbrella insurance provides the peace of mind you need as you protect yourself against lawsuits that result after an invasion of privacy.

What is Invasion of Privacy?

When you intrude into someone’s life without a reasonable and just cause, you’ve invaded their privacy, even if you committed the crime accidentally. Invasion of privacy includes:
*Meddling in private affairs

*Intruding on someone’s solitude

*Disclosing a embarrassing and private information

*Sharing things that are false and demeaning

*Using someone’s picture or name for your personal advantage.
Where do you Have a Right to Privacy?

Everyone expects to have privacy in their own home. People also expect privacy in places where they believe they can undress without being filmed or photographed and places where they believe they’re safe from hostile surveillance or intrusion.

Who Has to Worry About Invasion of Privacy?

Public figures, including celebrities, volunteer for the spotlight, and they typically do not receive invasion of privacy protection. Normal people like you, though, don’t expect people to be in their business. That’s why you need to be careful about your actions and those of your family members. Whether you’re a landlord, on a civic organization board or a normal person who enjoys using the Internet, you could perform an invasive act of someone’s privacy.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Your Privacy?

Say you post on your blog a private fact about a neighbor or use someone’s name to promote your business even though that person did not give you permission. In both cases, you could be sued for invasion of privacy. We all know that lawsuits are highly expensive. Your umbrella insurance policy could cover incurred expenses and protect your assets.

Discuss umbrella insurance with your agent today. Invasion of privacy can occur at any time, and you want to have protection in place.