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Risk Management Bulletin

6 Tools to Make Running Your Business Easier

By May 4, 2015No Comments
Managing risks is an all-encompassing effort that affects every aspect of your business. In an earlier edition of the newsletter, we looked at a few apps that can help businesses manage risk. This edition, we’re taking a look at six tools that can handle some other business-related tasks to make running your company less stressful and maybe even a little more fun:
Quora: This popular question and answer site enables users to pick the brains of business and industry leaders from across the globe. You can ask questions, get answers and follow lots of different topics that are important for our business.
Todoist: This simple app lets you create to-do lists and share them with project team members, showing real-time progress toward goals so you and your team can stay on track and be as productive as possible.
HootSuite: Being active on social sites is an important part of every business’ marketing strategy, but maintaining multiple accounts can be time-consuming. HootSuite lets you manage and update all your social sites from one place so you can ensure your messages are consistent and published on a regular basis.
DropBox: Store, edit and share documents, videos and photos from any Internet-connected device for easy collaboration no matter where your team members are located. While perhaps not as comprehensive as Google Docs with its plethora of apps and add-ons, DropBox provides a simpler interface that many businesses find easier to use.
Zoho CRM: Managing client relationships is critical, but it’s also time-consuming. ZohoCRM offers a robust client management platform that’s free for up to 10 users. The platform makes it easy to access client data so you can fine-tune future sales efforts and incentive programs.
Free Conference Call: Hold conference calls and online meetings with clients and business partners at no cost. You can record and share calls too, and the meeting app is free for up to 25 participants.
All of these apps are free, and signing up is easy. As with any app, make sure you read the terms of service before registering. Make a commitment to explore one of these apps this weekend to learn if it could make doing business easier for your company.