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Insure Your Vacation Property for Less With Four Tips

By May 4, 2015No Comments

Vacation season is almost here. Do you plan to hit the beach or head for the mountains? No matter where you’re going to relax and unwind, make sure the vacation property you own is insured. Use four tips to save money on your policy and protect your assets.

What is Vacation Home Insurance?

Your primary home insurance policy includes coverage that protects your house and possessions. It pays for repairs needed after a fire, bad weather like tornadoes, hurricanes and rain, snow, wind, lightning and hail storms or burglaries and vandalism. Insurance also covers liability you may face if someone’s injured on your property or bitten by your dog. The same coverage applies to your insured vacation home.

Ways to Save on Insurance Costs

You certainly do not want to let your vacation home sit uninsured. Because you don’t live there year round, it’s more susceptible to burglaries and weather damage that can go unnoticed for months and lead to additional and expensive repairs. Vacation home insurance can be expensive, though, and might not be an expense you consider when you buy your second home.

You can easily cut your insurance costs when you:

1. Install a new security system, preferably to one that alerts the police or other outside security agency.

2. Update the home’s overall structure, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC and insulation. These measures reduce the risk of storm, fire and other damage to your vacation house.

3. Bundle home, auto and vacation home insurance policies with the same company. Shop around every year to find the best coverage and price.

4. Ask your insurance agent about a loyalty, senior citizen, lump sum payment or non-smoking discount.

A home insurance policy for your vacation house is a necessity. With four tips, you can save money on your policy. Discuss your specific needs and your policy details with your insurance agent, and then prepare to enjoy your next vacation with peace of mind because your house is covered by vacation home insurance.