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Best Ways to Prevent Home Break-Ins

By June 1, 2015No Comments

Your home doesn’t need an expensive security system to prevent burglaries. Several simple but powerful steps help you secure your home and prevent break-ins.

Lock the Doors and Windows

Forty percent of burglaries occur because robbers can simply walk, crawl or climb into houses. Even if you’re at home, lock your doors and windows. Remember to lock basement, second floor and attic entryways, too.

Hide Valuables

Leave your valuables in plain sight, and you invite a break-in. Instead, be careful what you toss or recycle because thieves can use your trash to see what types of things they might find inside your home. Likewise, never leave valuables like your motorcycle or bike unattended in the driveway, and close your home’s curtains.

Pretend You’re Home

Even if you’re on vacation, you can pretend your home and fake out potential burglars. Leave your front porch light or an interior light on, turn on a radio and ask a friend to grab your mail and newspaper every day as you protect your home.

Secure Doors and Windows

Wimpy doors and windows give thieves easy access to your home and garage. Invest in quality steel doors and double paned windows for greater security. You can also install nails on your window frames to prevent someone from opening an accidentally unlocked window.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Instead to surrounding your house with tall plants that give thieves a place to hide, use your landscaping as a criminal deterrent. Plant prickly roses under windows, and keep all exterior plants trimmed. Cut off tree branches that extend to your roof, too, to deter access to your second floor.

Know Your Neighbors

When neighbors unite, crime decreases. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program or agree to keep a casual eye on the homes in your neighborhood as you prevent break-ins.

These tips help you avoid break-ins, but you also want to purchase or update a home insurance policy. While it won’t prevent a break-in, it does give you peace of mind if a burglar strikes.