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Distractions While Driving

By August 1, 2016No Comments

1608-pp-3One in four vehicle crashes is caused by drivers texting or using other electronic devices. Multitasking can help you get several tasks done at one time, but it’s always a bad idea when you’re behind the wheel. It only takes a second for your attention to wonder and an accident to happen. Learn more about the causes of distracted driving and what you can do to stay safe.


Texting while driving is illegal in 39 states and the District of Columbia. However, texting isn’t the only distraction that causes accidents.  A popular Twitter and Instagram social media hashtag #whiledriving has become popular across the country.

According to a recent survey, 55 percent of #whiledriving users are men and 45 percent are women. The top states with the most #whiledriving posts are:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. South Carolina
  5. New York
  6. Illinois
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Oregon
  9. Colorado
  10. Nevada

The top 10 most popular hashtags that accompany #whiledriving include:

  • Clouds
  • Sunset
  • Sky
  • Nature
  • Sun
  • Nofilter
  • Landscape
  • Car
  • Driving
  • Selfie

Based on these hashtags, we see that people enjoy snapping pictures of pretty scenery as they drive. Nature is great, but enjoy the view with your eyes rather than taking and posting the picture while you drive.

What if You See a Distracted Driver?

Insurance agents caution drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes and attention on the road while driving. However, that doesn’t stop people from getting distracted as they drive. In addition to texting and posting pictures while driving, fatigue, other passengers, eating and daydreaming also distract drivers’ attention off the road.

Your safety and the safety of others on the road depends on every driver staying focused. If you see a distracted driver who’s weaving out of the lane, not maintaining the speed limit or exhibiting other signs of distraction, you can:

  • Assume the distracted driver will not see your vehicle.
  • Leave extra room between you and the distracted driver, even if you have to slow down or pull off the road.
  • If you can’t get away from the driver, pull over and call 911 to report the driver’s behavior.
  • Avoid road rage or other vigilantism.

Safety on the road depends on everyone paying attention. Stop texting and driving distracted. For more information how to be safe on the road, how to cope with distracted drivers and to update your auto insurance contact your insurance agent. Drive safe!