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8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Promoted

By September 9, 2016No Comments

em-sept2016-2You’ve been working at your job faithfully for a while and think you’re ready for a promotion. Why aren’t you getting one? These eight reasons could be the cause.

Not a Team Player
The way you interact with your co-workers can influence your future at the company. Make sure you play nice, compromise and promote peace with your co-workers, and refuse to gossip about anyone as you promote teamwork.

Low Intensity
The best employees stay focused and busy during the day. They don’t slack off, stretch out projects or goof off. Instead, they welcome the opportunity to work hard and be efficient and effective.

Don’t Ask Questions
Unless you can read minds, you will need to ask questions that clarify projects and duties. Use a notepad to track any questions you have, and reduce confusion and wasted time and resources.

Unwilling to Receive Correction
Everyone messes up sometimes. Be willing to accept correction. You can even ask for regular feedback on your job performance as you maximize your strengths, fix any weaknesses and work your way to the top.

Don’t Ask for a Promotion
Let your boss know that you want to move up in the company. Set up a meeting to discuss your career goals, and ask what you can do to advance. Many bosses appreciate employees who take initiative and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Lack of Necessary Skills
You might be great at your job, but if you don’t have the skills needed to advance, you won’t get a promotion. Find out what skills you need and start learning them. If you lack technical skills, find out if your employer will pay for you to go back to school. If you need to learn diplomacy, business communication or sales techniques, talk to your boss and co-workers about how to gain these essential skills.

Shorten Your Work Day
If you regularly come in late, leave early or take long lunch breaks, your boss will see you as a slacker. You don’t have to work overtime without pay every single day to prove your worthiness, but do show your boss that you’re productive, eager to work and ready for more responsibility.

Relaxed Dress and Grooming
It’s okay to wear casual clothes if your employer allows it. However, make sure the way you dress and your grooming habits remain professional and show that you respect your job and deserve respect.
Are one or more of these eight factors preventing you from getting a promotion? Take steps today to change your behavior and achieve your career goals.