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8 Ways Social Media Can Help You Get a Job

By October 10, 2016No Comments

1610-em-2You already use social media to connect with family and friends. Now, you can use it to get a job, too. As many as 2,000 hiring and Human Resources managers use social media to research potential employees, so make a good impression and land a job when you use social media in eight ways.

  • Be Authentic

    Most hiring managers are adept at spotting frauds. Be sure your resume, LinkedIn profile and other social media match as you create an authentic, honest and consistent image.

  • Exhibit a Professional Image

    In real life, you may be the life of the party, but hiring managers need to see that you’re a professional. Your profile picture should be a high-quality head shot in which you wear work appropriate clothing. Remember to proofread your posts and avoid posting racy, negative or controversial content, too.

  • Demonstrate Your Communication Skills

    Communication plays a major role in most jobs. Demonstrate your skills when you check your grammar, spelling and punctuation, and avoid profanity, arguments or negative rants. Always remember that someone may be using your social media accounts as an informal look into whether or not you can communicate properly.
  • Show Your Personality

    Hiring managers like to know that potential job candidates will fit in with the company’s culture. Include real life posts, pictures and other information in your profile as you show your personality and prove that you can fit in.

  • Showcase Your Interests

    As many as four out of 10 hiring managers select candidates who are well-rounded. That’s why you want to showcase your interests outside of work, including your volunteer activities and the ways you spend your free time. Consider leaving out any controversial or extreme interests, though, that may interfere with your ability to land the job you really want.

  • Include References or Recommendations

    Your resume includes professional references, and your social media accounts can, too. Ask your supervisor, co-workers and clients to post reviews of your skills, capabilities and services. The recommendations give hiring managers insight into your capabilities.
  • Post Awards and Accomplishments

    Awards and accomplishments prove that you have the skills listed on your resume. Include photos, screenshots or badges on your social media accounts as you reveal your skills.
  • Show Off Your Creativity

    If you can think outside the box, you are more likely to be hired. Use your social media accounts to demonstrate that you try new things, master new technology and are willing to learn new skills.

Your social media accounts can help you get your next job. In these eight ways, you can make a good impression and showcase your professional skills.