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12 Most Desired Employee Benefits

By June 16, 2017No Comments

Employee benefits can be as important as salary when you choose a job. With a well-rounded benefits package, a company shows that it values its employees as people and is committed to their work/life balance, morale and motivation now and into the future. Surprisingly, some of the most desired benefits are unique, as you’ll see on this list of the 12 most desired employee benefits.

    1. Retirement Plans

      Employees appreciate a company that helps them plan for the future, especially if the company offers matching retirement funds. Access to a financial planner is another bonus.

    1. Health Insurance

      The stability of a group health insurance plan gives employees peace of mind. It’s also often more affordable than an individual policy, making it a valuable asset for many employees.

    1. Dental and Vision Insurance

      Often optional coverage, dental and vision insurance keep employees healthy and happy.

    1. Life Insurance

      With life insurance, employees can make sure their loved ones are provided for in the future. The peace of mind is invaluable.

    1. Flexible Spending Accounts

      Employees use FSA funds to pay for qualified health care or dependent care expenses. This benefit and its financial benefits stretch their paycheck and gives peace of mind.

    1. Paid Leave

      Paid vacation, sick, holiday and personal leave allows employees to take care of themselves and their families. It promotes work/life balance and improves loyalty and production.

    1. Flexible Hours

      When possible, companies can offer flexible hours. This schedule allows employees work when they’re at their peak, take time off to care for personal or family matters, and find better work/life balance.

    1. Telecommuting

      The ability to work from home appeals to many employees. They value the chance to work independently, save money on transportation and take a tax break.

    1. Maternity/Paternity Leave 

      Because the standard maternity leave is only 12 weeks for new moms, employers demonstrate their value for families when they offer expanded maternity and paternity leave. This benefit also improves middle class income potential and encourages more women to enter the workforce

    1. Free Child Care

      Some employers offer free on-site child care. While this benefit is particularly popular with parents, it improves productivity for everyone since it reduces time off and improves project continuity.

    1. Tuition Reimbursement

      By paying for employees to further their education, a company empowers it team and improves its future.

    1. Student Loan Assistance

      College loans can take years to repay. Any assistance is welcome by employees and helps employers attract educated and trained workers.

When asked about the most desired employee benefits, these 12 benefits top the list. They improve employee relations, productivity and motivation and helps companies attract quality employees, so look for them the next time you apply for a new job.