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Explore Auto Shop Workers Compensation Options

By June 16, 2017No Comments

Workers’ Compensation is insurance coverage most employers must purchase. It provides numerous benefits for employees and helps them return to work after a work-related injury or illness. Explore auto shop Workers’ Compensation options for your business.

What is Auto Shop Workers’ Compensation?

An employee who sustains an injury or suffers from an illness while on the job can claim Workers’ Compensation. It pays for medical treatment and other expenses until the employee can safely return to work.

Types of Auto Businesses that Qualify for Auto Shop Workers Compensation Options

Numerous auto industries may purchase Workers’ Compensation. They include:

  • Sellers and Dealers of new and used vehicles
  • Service and Repair Centers that perform repair or service work on mufflers, brakes, engines and other auto parts, including auto dealers, glass replacement or tinting companies and car washes
  • Body Repair businesses that work on fiberglass, metal or plastic or perform dent removal, upholstery services and painting
  • Parts Stores, including retail and wholesale parts and accessories stores and drivers
  • Machine Shops that fabricate, manufacture or rebuild parts that aren’t attached to a vehicle
  • Recycling and Drivers in salvage yards or dismantling operations

What Are Your Auto Shop Workers Compensation Options?

State guidelines include details on the specific auto shop Workers’ Compensation options available to your auto business. Possible expenses covered by Workers’ Compensation include:

    1. Medical Treatment

      Injured or ill employers receive medical treatment, including:

      • Medical services
      • Emergency room and other hospital treatment
      • Surgery
      • Medicine and medical supplies
      • Lab testing and procedures
      • Orthopedic appliances and prostheses
      • Physical or occupational therapy


    1. Payments for Lost Wages

      Employees who are disabled or unable to return to work may receive a portion of their lost wages.


    1. Specific Loss Benefits

      An employee who suffers from a serious and permanent face, neck or head disfigurement or loses the permanent use of sight, hearing or a finger, thumb, hand, arm, toe, foot or leg may receive a specific loss amount.


    1. Death Benefits

      An employee’s survivors may receive a death benefit if the employee is killed on the job.


  1. Vocational Rehabilitation

    Training and education that helps an injured or ill employee return to work may be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Benefits may also pay for an evaluation, retraining and other expenses associated with helping an employee qualify to work in a different job or industry.

Auto shop Workers’ Compensation options is important coverage that ensures employees receive necessary medical treatment that allows them to return to work as quickly as possible. It also protects auto businesses. Explore your auto shop Workers’ Compensation options and update your coverage as you meet your needs.