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How To Handle Stressful Jobs In Nine Steps

By September 11, 2017No Comments

We know that certain dangerous, demanding, detailed and repetitive professions are stressful, but every job includes stressors. Stressful jobs can cause physical, emotional and mental problems for employees. They also affect company safety, productivity and morale. Take nine steps as you learn how to handle stressful jobs and stay healthy.

Identify the stressors.

Numerous factors contribute to stress. Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities, frustrated with co-workers or bored? Identify your stressors as you consider your stress-management options.

Modify your job.

A simple modification like different work hours or a new work station can decrease your stress level. Talk with your supervisor about modifying your job and improving your health.

Talk to someone you trust.

Find a network of listeners who will support you when you need to talk. A friend, co-worker, job coach or therapist can be a sounding board, offer empathy and help you discover a different perspective.

Say no to extra responsibilities.

You may take on extra responsibilities to get a raise or keep your job. Too much work can increase stress, though. Instead, say no to responsibilities you can’t reasonably handle. If saying no isn’t an option, investigate ways to drop or delegate duties.

Organize your day.

Prioritizing tasks, setting a definite quitting time and cleaning off your desk are three simple ways you can organize your day. These steps can also help you feel more in control and less stressed.

Take a break.

Some companies offer flexible time off, so take a day or more when you need it and reboot, relax and unwind. You can also use break time to recharge. Take a walk outside, find a quiet place to meditate, listen to music or read a book.

Change your mind-set.

Maybe you demand perfection from yourself or are stuck in a pattern of negative thinking. Change your mind-set. Give yourself permission to do your best or meditate on inspirational quotes that change your thinking and reduce your stress.

Advocate for yourself.

You may find that nothing helps and your stress levels are still unhealthy. Advocate for yourself and better working conditions. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor, and calmly address the stressful factors. Be prepared with details of the challenges you face and possible solutions.

Find a new job.

A different job or position in your company could relieve your stress. If this switch isn’t possible, you may need to change companies or careers as you protect your health.

Stress on the job can affect your health and work environment. Take these nine steps as you learn how to manage stressful jobs and stay healthy.