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Risk Management Bulletin

10 Security Tips Prevent Commercial Building Break-Ins

By November 6, 2017No Comments

Security should be one of your company’s top priorities as you protect your merchandise, equipment and technology. Consider 10 security tips that reduce your risk of break-ins.

    • Erect a Fence

      If possible, erect a security fence that allows visibility for neighbors and police but keeps intruders away from your building. A vertical iron bar fence or vinyl-coated chain link fence are two adequate options.

    • Trim Landscaping

      Bushes, shrubs and trees can hide burglars and give them access to the second story of your building. Remove unnecessary landscaping or trim it regularly as you improve security.

    • Remove Potential Access Points

      Trash receptacles, sheds, ladders and vehicles located near your building give burglars access to the roof and provide hiding spots. Remove these items away from your building as you eliminate potential access points.

    • Turn On Lights

      Lighting around the exterior of your building illuminates potential hiding places and entry points as it deters burglars. Use unbreakable mercury vapor lamps or cover the lights and power sources with vandal-proof covers. You may also turn on select interior lights after-hours and install motion sensors on strategic lights.

    • Buy an Alarm

      A full-building or strategic silent or audible alarm system connected to a remote monitoring station provides 24/7 protection. Post signs prominently around your building to advertise the alarm’s presence.

    • Install Locks

      Locks and padlocks secure exterior and interior entrances and interior doors. Use double-cylinder deadbolts with a one-inch throw, hardened steel insert, latch guard and removable cylinders. Hide serial numbers, too, so a burglar can’t make new keys for the locks.

    • Replace Doors

      The exterior and interior security doors throughout your building should be solid. Purchase metal-lined doors with metal crossbars, then pin the hinges. double-check that the jambs are solid, too.

    • Secure Windows

      Every window in your building must remain locked. Add burglar-resistant glass treatments such as a polyester security film, too. A glass break sensor alarm or metal grates add an extra layer of security.

    • Control Keys

      A master key system offers convenience for you and burglars, so consider distributing a limited number of master keys. You can also code keys, lock up extra keys when they’re not in use and implement a strict return policy. Change locks if you suspect a compromised key, too.

    • Create an Inventory

      Photograph and record the serial numbers of all your equipment, technology and over valuables. Also, clearly mark an ID number on equipment to deter burglars.

These 10 security tips can prevent break-ins at your commercial building. Be sure to update your commercial building insurance policy after you make these security improvements and reduce your risk.