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10 Holiday Meal Kitchen Safety Tips

By November 10, 2017No Comments

It’s your turn to host the family holiday meal, and you’re prepared with the menu, table decorations and updated homeowners insurance. Is your kitchen safe? Consider 10 kitchen safety tips for your holiday meal.

    • Handle Raw Meat Properly

      Raw meats can spread salmonella and other bacteria if they’re handled improperly. Thaw meats in the refrigerator, never rinse raw meat, use separate cutting boards and knives for meats, and cook meats thoroughly.

    • Greasy Range Hood

      Accumulated grease on range hood can start a fire. Clean the hood thoroughly, and check the filter to make sure it’s clean, too.

    • Dirty Sponges, Dishcloths and Kitchen Towels

      Sponges, dishcloths and towels can harbor bacteria that can spread throughout your kitchen as you wipe spills and messes. Disinfect wet sponges for one minute in the microwave. Remember to replace used sponges, dishcloths and towels often, too. As an alternative, spray surfaces with sanitizing spray and wipe with paper towels.

    • Poor Refrigerator Storage Habits

      Holiday meals include all your favorite dishes. Keep the food safe and prevent bacteria growth when you:

      • Place raw meats in a sealed container.
      • Store raw fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag or container.
      • Immediately wipe up spills.
      • Refrigerate prepared foods as soon as possible.
      • Refrigerate leftovers within four hours of cooking.
    • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

      Gas ranges and ovens can emit carbon monoxide, an odorless, invisible gas that can make you sick. Hire a professional to clean and inspect your range and oven to ensure they work properly and safely.

    • Overloaded Circuits

      Faulty wiring accounts for 33 percent of all residential fires according to the U.S. Fire Administration. When you must plug multiple appliances into your electrical outlets, use power strips. If possible, unplug the appliances you don’t need.

    • No Fire Extinguisher

      Your kitchen fire extinguisher can prevent the spread of a fire and protect your family. Buy a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, and be sure you know how to use it.

    • Unattended Food

      While cooking, you may get distracted with a conversation, cleaning or other duties. Unattended food or oil can start a fire, so stay focused as you cook.

    • Unwashed Hands

      Your aunt arrives and immediately volunteers to prep the dinner salad. Be sure she washes her hands first, and insist on proper handwashing for all your kitchen helpers.

    • Tripping Hazards

      Keep your floors and walkways clear to avoid tripping. As guests arrive, they should place their bags and other items in a designated spot away from the kitchen

Your holiday celebration can be a safe and fun event when you follow these 10 kitchen safety tips.