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Workplace Safety

Minimizing Workplace Injury Risks

By December 4, 2017No Comments

Although the costs of work-related injuries sustained by employees are usually covered by Workers Compensation coverage, there is no coverage for hidden costs to the business the employee works for. Most plans cover medical expenses and lost wages of the injured employee. However, increased overtime expenditures, reduced efficiency and the expense of training replacements are not covered. These costs can greatly affect a smaller business.

Injuries that are sustained in the workplace or in vehicles owned by the business are not limited to occupations that are known to be dangerous. For the majority of cases reported, the main three causes of workplace injuries are falls on level ground, bodily reaction and overexertion. Injuries sustained from pushing, excessive lifting, pulling, carrying a heavy object, throwing things or trying to hold a heavy object are all activities that lead to overexertion injuries.

These types of injuries can seriously affect workers in any environment. It’s important for employers in every industry to be aware of these risks to avoid paying for costly preventable injuries to employees. It’s essential to train employees to recognize hazards, report unsafe conditions and to be aware of what the consequences of injuries are. Employers should encourage employees to actively contribute to a safer working environment by reporting unsafe conditions and making suggestions for changes to correct problems.

Any accident, first aid incident or near miss should be reported to employers. After receiving reports, employers should investigate the incidents thoroughly. If possible, the investigation employers carry out should take place immediately. Both hourly employees and management professionals should be involved in the investigation process.

The purpose of investigations is to identify the cause of the incident without blaming anyone. The overall goal should be to improve the situation and make the workplace a safer environment for everyone.

A team should be formed that can review incidents from past years and the current year to identify patterns. In addition to this, the team should be able to identify the problems. Hospitals, police departments and fire departments should be conferred with each year for assistance in identifying risks and forming plans for emergencies. Loss of power, accidents, explosions, fires and violence are all issues that each business must address.

Drills for these situations should be planned and implemented. It’s important to ensure that employees are properly trained to face any situation. They should also know the emergency and disaster plans thoroughly. Some businesses may also want to provide CPR and first aid training from the Red Cross for their employees. If this is the case, there should be at least one person who is responsible for keeping first aid kits stocked and accessible. To learn more about risks in an individual workplace and how to obtain protection, contact an agent.