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Workplace Safety


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When it comes time to work with an adjuster on a Workers Compensation claim, you can make life easier for everyone concerned by following these guidelines:

Get the main contact involved in the process from the get-go and be sure that they provide all the information the adjuster needs: The claimant’s personnel file, documentation of the injury, eyewitness testimony, etc. Get this information to the adjuster as soon as possible, preferably within an hour after his or her initial inquiry — or at least on the same day.

Be sure to have a specific occupational clinic or physician treat the claimant — this will facilitate the process and eliminate any possible uncertainty about dealing with an unfamiliar health-care provider. Work with a clinic that understands your business and can recommend options for light activities the client can perform, rather than having to take them off the job entirely.

If you have any questions about working with adjusters to expedite claims, we’d be happy to help!