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Why Healthy Singles Need Health Insurance

By February 28, 2018No Comments

Why Healthy Singles Need Health Insurance

As a single and healthy adult, you may figure that health insurance isn’t a necessity. After all, you don’t have any pressing or chronic medical needs, and insurance is just another expense that will stretch your already thin budget. What you don’t realize is that you actually have several really good reasons to purchase health insurance today.

1. Avoid a Penalty

With the Affordable Care Act in effect, anyone who doesn’t purchase health insurance in 2015 will owe a penalty of $325 or two percent of your income. Avoid the penalty by enrolling in your parents’ insurance if you’re under 26. Otherwise, enroll in your employer-sponsored healthcare plan or apply for an affordable policy through the Healthcare Marketplace or a private insurer and avoid the penalty.

2. Cover Preventative Care

Maybe you only think about doctors when you’re sick, but they’re also important for preventative care. During regular checkups, they can catch the beginnings of heart disease, diabetes or other medical conditions, so put your health insurance to work as you prioritize preventative care.

3. Build a Relationship With a Healthcare Team

What happens if you get pregnant, develop arthritis or suffer from severe headaches? You’ll want a trusted medical team that knows you and your physical health history by your side. Use health insurance to make regular visits to a physician and build a relationship that will benefit you down the road.

4. Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

Do you avoid skiing, traveling or another fun activity because you’re afraid you might get hurt and won’t be able to afford the medical treatment? Purchase health insurance. While it doesn’t give you a license to be reckless, it does help you enjoy life without worrying that an injury will wipe out your savings and land you in the poor house.

5. Maintain a Healthy Reproductive System

Even though you don’t have a family now, you may want one in the future. Go to the doctor for regular checkups and reproductive health advice. Address reproductive problems now and maintain your reproductive health as you look forward to the future.

Health insurance can be expensive and it might seem like a waste of money or a budgetary strain, but it’s a wise investment. Talk to an insurance agent today about which policy is right for your needs and budget. Then use health insurance to take care of yourself today and prepare for a healthy tomorrow.