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When Should You Consider Pet Insurance?

Anyone with a pet understands how expensive medical treatment can be. However, you would do anything to help your pet remain healthy and enjoy a high quality of life. Pet insurance can assist you with paying for your pet’s medical care, but learn more about it so you can decide when to purchase this type… Read more »

Protect Your Electronics From Lightning Damage This Summer

With summer storms in full force, your valuable electronics are at risk for lightning damage. That’s because lightning can strike anywhere during a storm. It especially likes conductors, such as your TV antenna, satellite dish and telephone and electrical wires. These conductors allow lightning to splash through your home and destroy everything, including your valuable… Read more »

Protect Your Identity as you Take Online Classes

Any time you get online, including while you take online classes, you run the risk of having your identity stolen. Be vigilant and protect yourself with seven tips. 1. Use multiple email addresses. Separate your school, business and personal email addresses to limit a thief’s access to your information. Change your passwords at least once… Read more »

Protecting Your Child from Secondary Drowning

Only one to two percent of drownings are classified as secondary or dry drownings. However, you definitely want to understand this risk and take steps to protect your kids. What is Secondary Drowning? When someone struggles underwater and breathes in even a small amount of water, it can trigger spasms in the airway muscles. That… Read more »

Personal Autos in Business, and Business Autos Used Personally.

In any traffic accident, two entities can be held liable for damages: the at-fault driver and the vehicle owner. Insurance companies generally view the vehicle’s insurance to be primarily liable with the driver as secondary. Let’s assume you’re an entrepreneur using your personal vehicle for company business. You are the owner of the car and… Read more »

Property Insurance for Multiple Locations: what does a loss limit do for you. Bookmark and Share

Loss limit policies insure property on an occurrence basis to a limit of the probable maximum loss rather than an actual total property value. If a manufacturer has ten locations in ten states each valued at three million dollars including contents, the probable maximum loss might be three million dollars. No one storm, earthquake, or… Read more »

Sarbanes-Oxley Revisited: environmental impacts and accounting. Bookmark and Share

Sarbanes-Oxley reinforced the idea that public companies have a duty to be transparent in dealings. No insider trading or enriching corporate executives through questionable perquisites like low interest loans. But when does transparency become speculation? Estimating costs accurately for remediation work is difficult. Add to that difficulty the uncertainty that the work will be undertaken,… Read more »

Review Your Fiduciary Liability Exposure in the Context of Health Care Changes.

Usually, you think of retirement programs when you consider fiduciary liability, like the headline cases of the nineties, like Enron and Rite-Aid, where fiduciaries suffered class action judgments for investing employee funds in company stock. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is the law which demands fiduciaries act in the best interests of the… Read more »