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3 High-Profile Hacking Stories Worth Reading

If you know much about cyber security, then you know that hacking isn’t as exciting a subject as movies and television make it out to be. Most “hackers” are just guessing passwords or stealing credit cards. But, now and then, along comes a news story about hacking that can actually hold your attention. Here are… Read more »

False Fears and Legitimate Threats

The main thing to keep in mind when comparing real threats to false flags: The most boring interpretation of the truth is usually the one that’s closest to being correct. Remember Y2K? Everyone was worried that turning our computer clocks over from 1999 to 2000 was going to crash the whole system and leave the… Read more »

Are Phones and Devices High-Risk Points?

Here’s the irony when it comes to phones, tablets and other wireless devices: They’re less likely to be hacked, and more likely to compromise your sensitive information. Why? Well… they’re easier to lose. Good luck losing a desktop computer. Besides the fact that we tend to leave those at home, you’re going to remember where… Read more »

3 More Cyber Security Myths

We’ve covered the subject of cyber-security myths before, but all it takes is one critical misunderstanding to harm your network, and we could write a phone book’s worth of content on all the misunderstandings floating around out there. The Internet’s Safer Now Some users are under the impression that the Internet is no longer the… Read more »

7 Ways to be a Team Player at Work

Most employers appreciate team players who put the goals and interests of the company and their coworkers before their own agenda. As a team player, you’ll also enjoy your job and coworkers more as you learn to play nice. Here are seven ways to become a team player at your job. Meet Deadlines Group projects… Read more »

What You Can do About a Wrongful Termination

As an employee, you work at will. That means you are free to leave your job whenever you want. You also can be fired without notice or cause. Despite this truth, you can’t be fired for an illegal reason. Know your employee rights in case you face a wrongful termination. Read Your Employment Contract Both… Read more »

Facts to Know Before You Hire a Domestic Laborer

A domestic laborer makes your home life easier. You could also land you in hot water with the IRS or face expensive liability bills, though, if you don’t follow certain laws. Whether you hire a nanny, gardener or cook, understand several facts before you hire a domestic employee. Who’s Considered a Domestic Laborer? Domestic laborers… Read more »

Do You Need Insurance For Your Side Gig?

Start a side business making birthday cakes, doing tax returns or playing guitar at weddings, and you bring in extra money and pursue your passion. Your homeowner’s, renters, auto and personal insurance policies might not cover your business venture, though. Learn more as you protect yourself and pursue your side gig. What are the Risks… Read more »

Questions To Consider For Your Home Insurance Checkup

When was the last time you did a home insurance policy checkup? This important update ensures you have adequate coverage that will cover thefts, loss or damages, and it verifies that you aren’t paying for coverage you no longer need. Consider these questions during your next home insurance checkup. Did you renovate or remodel your… Read more »

PP 3 Feb 16 Car Insurance Options After a DUI

Get charged with a DUI, and you typically lose your license for one to six months. Your auto insurance coverage and rates will also be affected. Learn what you can do to find coverage and earn affordable insurance rates after a DUI. Understand Insurance After a DUI Every state has strict laws that prohibit driving… Read more »