Monthly Archives: June 2016

Why Is The Internet Running So Slowly?

You pay premium prices for business class Internet, and it winds up leaking through the Ethernet like honey off of a spoon. In 2016, you need high speed Internet in order to run a successful business, so getting it back up to speed when it starts to slow down is a top priority. Here’s a… Read more »

Wiping a Device

So you’re selling your old iPhone, or maybe you bought some used laptops in bulk for the office, or you just want to cover your bases by getting every scrap of sensitive data off of your PC. Whatever your reasons, you need to completely wipe down your old device or computer and restore it to… Read more »

Famous Data Spills

In some fields, such as medical data entry, hackers have actually surpassed accidental data disclosure, or data spillage, in terms of responsibility for data lost. However, this is a fairly new trend. By and large, more data has been lost due to accidental leaks than due to cybercrime. Here are some of the more well-known… Read more »

How To Keep Your Warranty

It can be tricky to know what will and what won’t void the warranty on your phone, your PC, your tablet or your laptop. You probably have a manual laying around somewhere that can lay this out in more detail, but feel free to rely on this as a quick FAQ on some of the… Read more »

Benefits of Diverse Ages in the Workplace

Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees because of their age. Multi-generational hiring has benefits beyond legal ones, though. Understand these benefits as you find the right talent for your company. Appreciate a Range of Skill Sets Employees in different age groups approach work with different skill sets. Mature employees who have been working… Read more »

What Jobs Don’t Require Overtime Pay?

Most companies are required to pay employees overtime. However, there are several jobs that are exempt. If you work in one of these jobs, know the guidelines before you demand overtime pay. Salaried employees Certain white collar employees who are paid a salary and work as an executive, administrative or computer professional do not receive… Read more »

Signs That You Have a Great Job

It’s easy to become dissatisfied with your job. Maybe long hours, a personality conflict or burnout make you long for greener pastures elsewhere. Before you spend hours wishing you were elsewhere or checking out the classified ads, look for these signs that indicate you have a great job. Salary Are your monthly bills covered with… Read more »

9 Things to Plan Before You Retire

Retiring isn’t something you do at the spur of the moment. It requires careful planning as you ensure you have adequate resources to cover your expenses. Consider these nine tips that help you plan a successful retirement. Build Your Emergency Fund Ideally, you should save three to six months of living expenses into an emergency… Read more »

Uncommon Employee Benefits

Your company probably already offers employees a variety of benefits. However, there are also several uncommon employee benefits that are appreciated and affordable. Consider offering them as you attract and retain top talent and improve morale. Common Employee Benefits A 2003 small business poll found that several benefits are commonly offered by employers. These benefits… Read more »