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What is U.S. Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team?

Malware, viruses and worms are only a few of the cybersecurity threats that affect your online security, privacy and personal information. Learn what is U.S. Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), a tool that protects you every day. History of the U.S. Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team The US-CERT began in early 2000. The federal government noticed… Read more »

Cyber Risks are Real, Protect Your Business

The federal Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 330,000 complaints in 2009, and more than a third of them ended up in the hands of law enforcement. The damages from those referred to the authorities totaled more than a half billion dollars. The Government Accountability Office estimated that cyber crime cost U.S. organizations $67.2… Read more »

Contractors Professional Liability

As a contractor, you design, build and repair homes and other structures. Purchase contractors professional liability insurance coverage to protect your assets. What is Contractors Professional Liability? In the 1990s, contractors professional liability coverage was introduced primarily for contractors who design and build projects. This insurance covers financial obligations associated with fixing an error or… Read more »

An Alert Driver is a Safe Driver

Going for a drive or riding in a car can be a relaxing experience, but drivers need to remain alert when behind the wheel. Although anyone could fall asleep while driving, certain target populations are more prone to having accidents because of falling asleep. For instance, men are twice as likely as women to have… Read more »

1,500 of Wasted Time on Busywork

“Work can be a life-draining affair.” Joseph Campbell Effective time management is essential if you wish to be a successful HR executive — and have a life at the same time. According to CEO surveys, when HR professionals focus their time on administrative and compliance duties (positions in which one is particularly likely to say… Read more »

Six Construction Site Dangers and Safety Precautions

The construction industry employs millions of people on job sites across the United States. While the fatal injury rate is high for this industry, you can understand construction site dangers and steps that protect yourself, co-workers and pedestrians. Fall Protection Most of the construction site fatalities occur from falls. Unstable work surfaces and failure to… Read more »

Why Use a Risk Management Consultant?

You face risks every day in real life and must decide if you’ll lock your house doors or buckle your seat belt. Your small business faces risks, too. Answer the question why use a risk management consultant as you successfully navigate your business risks. Get Customized, Objective Advice While all small businesses face risks, each… Read more »

Employee Benefits for Grocery Stores Employees

As a grocery store employee, you expect to get a regular paycheck. However, you may also be eligible for a variety of employee benefits for grocery stores employees. Here’s a partial list. Healthcare Access a variety of healthcare options, including: Medical insurance Prescription drug coverage Group vision and dental plan Flexible Spending Accounts Group life… Read more »