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By February 1, 2008No Comments

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which ensures compliance by government contractors with affirmative action requirements, has issued Frequently Asked Questions regarding the OFCCP’s Review of Contractor Compensation Practices. In the FAQs, the OFCCP:

* Described the tiered process it uses for a compliance review, consisting of a desk audit followed, where necessary, by a focused review or full compliance review.
* Listed the criteria it examines during its compensation evaluation.
* Explained what additional information it might require if potential compensation discrimination is indicated.
* Noted that the Supreme Court decision in the Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. discrimination case did not affect the OFCCP Interpretative Standards for Systemic Compensation Discrimination, which uses statistical analyses to examine pay discrepancies.

The FAQs are available at the OFCCP Website.