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Your Employee Matters


By November 1, 2010No Comments

You just might be lucky enough to hire or manage employees that want to help improve the company. How you handle their ideas greatly impacts the future of your relationship. Mishandle this conversation, and you’ll pay the price. Here are some approaches that won’t burn bridges:

  • Sounds interesting; keep talking so I understand this better.
  • Where did this idea take root? Anyone else involved? What got you to this point?
  • How will this help the company meet its vision, mission or goals?
  • What assumptions are you making and how do they factor into your idea?
  • Why are you so excited about it?
  • If it worked the way you envision, what would it look like?
  • If we were to pursue this idea further, what would be the next step?
  • What needs to change if this is going to work?
  • What impact can it have on the bottom line?
  • I like it. How would you like to fill out this Great Idea Form so we can study the idea further?