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Your Employee Matters


By July 1, 2011No Comments

When I gave a webinar for nearly 500 CEOs in the Vistage community, they asked me to respond to these questions:

  • How do you drive productivity and customer service where the primary delivery is person-to-person?
  • Would you address the Employee Free Choice Act?
  • When facing downsizing, how do you keep key staff motivated?
  • Can you discuss exempt and non-exempt employees?
  • What are the best practices for hiring?
  • What are the best practices for performance reviews?
  • How do you engage employees?
  • How do PEOs and outsourcing HR impact employee productivity?
  • How do you get managers and supervisors on board when they, as well as employees, focus on this downward economy?
  • What are the barriers to changing organizational culture?
  • How do you structure a bonus plan that’s objective and motivates everyone, especially top performers?
  • What can we do to help departments work together?
  • How do you increase productivity and, in general, change corporate culture with an older “veteran” workforce?
  • What do we do to calm the nerves of people who remain employee during layoffs? * How do you hold people accountable without making them feel that you’re beating up on them or getting overly defensive?
  • What are the best practices for employee retention? What metrics do you monitor? * What’s the most successful method to reduce “blame games?”
  • How do you get people to admit responsibility for their actions?
  • With our current economic conditions, how do you perceive HR as an asset to an organization, i.e., revenue generating?
  • How can I help people with strong and different personality types get along so they can truly listen to one another?
  • In a small company where people wear many hats and must adjust expectations quickly, how do you conduct performance reviews?
  • What’s the single largest change we could make to improve productivity?
  • How do you feel about using profit per employee as a productivity metric?
  • What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of telecommuting?
  • What are the top five techniques for getting the most from contractors?
  • Which Web sites can we use to find information about our specific state laws?
  • What are the keys to success for a new work-from-home employee?
  • What are the major differences in manufacturing environments versus office or other workplaces?
  • How do you keep a pipeline of qualified desirable employees even if there are no openings at present?
  • How would you handle operating in a community with high drug use, high turnover and absenteeism?

These questions are similar to those that all employers face — focused on hiring, performance, and retention, HR That Works offers excellent tools in each of these areas to help. So use them today!