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Your Employee Matters


By July 1, 2011No Comments

Management is concerned about employees meeting the specifications of their jobs. Beyond this, it makes sense to manage your employees so that they motivate themselves to exceed these requirements. Here are some guidelines that can help the cause:

  • Be clear about what you expect from employees. One of my favorite questions is: “What are the five most important things you do in your job and how would you know if you are doing then well- without you having to ask me or without me having to tell you?” Until all of your employees can answer this question, they don’t understand their job clearly. Make sure that the employee’s “job description” covers not just what they do, but how they should do it — and what results you expect from them.
  • Respect their need to manage their time. Don’t ask employees to waste time on nonsensical or nonrevenue producing tasks. Allow them to work in their highest and best use. If you want employees to grow you must delegate work to them. Even better, invite them to take work away from you and when they do, help them figure out a way to delegate their lowest-value work, perhaps to a new employee, intern, or third party. I would also help employees do a better job of understanding time management. Most managers and employees have not taken time management classes. To join the class I’ll be doing in July, click here. If you can’t make it live as an HR That Works Member, you’ll be able to view the presentation on a stored basis later.
  • Help them to understand the difference they make every day. Do your employees understand the “processional impact” of what they do? For example, does the tailor fully understand the joy a well-sewn dress brings to the bride? Does the customer service rep truly understand how good service that they deliver to a client or customer will pay dividends? Do we understand that how we treat each other ends up affecting how we treat loved ones? When we understand these “processional impacts” of our work, we can move closer towards the goal of self-actualization — literally feeling good about the work that we do every day. When employees create connections with fellow employees, customers, clients, vendors, etc. they make their work that much more meaningful.
  • Encourage their personal growth. Let employees know what their future at the company can look like and what it would take for them to get there. Then offer them the skill testing and training they need to move forward.
  • Consider their health. Whether it’s how you manage your employee health insurance or your wellness program, helping employees do a better job of managing their health will go a long way towards boosting their productivity, attendance records, general mood, creativity, etc. Find out how your health insurance broker can help you install a wellness program at your company.

Those are a few ways in which you can improve your employees’ work experience and gain their commitment. Think of how you can use these factors in your workforce.