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Telemedicine, which is already being used by many, is expected to become more popular in the future. Every employer should consider the advantages of this option for their employees. Although there are many vendors available, it’s best to choose one of the top three. To use telemedicine, patients call a phone number to speak to a trained representative. The representative completes a health profile for the patient. By doing this, the representative is able to determine what type of medical issue the patient may be facing. If the nature of the call isn’t an emergency, the representative ensures that a physician will call the patient back within a few hours. However, if the patient indicates a situation that is considered an emergency, the representative will urge that individual to seek emergency care or dial 911.

After speaking with the patient, the physician makes a diagnosis. If the physician feels that the patient needs further tests, the patient must schedule an appointment at a medical facility. However, most patients who use telemedicine programs have a cold, mild infection or a virus that can be cured with medication. If the patient needs medication, the physician calls a nearby pharmacy to order the prescription. Most physicians advise patients to schedule a visit with their regular physician after completing the recommended treatment.

Although telemedicine isn’t able to solve every problem a patient has, those who are fairly healthy can benefit from this program. Emergency room visits can cost thousands of dollars. Even a simple office visit costs more than what most people have in their pockets. In many cases, a visit to the doctor or emergency room isn’t necessary. Patients may simply be worried and need assurance. In some cases, they may only need a medication to solve their problem. For example, a patient who has chronic infections may have to spend a considerable amount of money to visit the doctor each time symptoms appear. However, if telemedicine is used, the patient is able to get the required antibiotics quickly. There is no need to risk contracting another virus to by going to a clinic. Patients may not have to take time away from work to wait for a doctor. The cost of telemedicine is much less than paying upfront for a doctor visit. However, patients who have extremely low copay amounts may pay slightly more for telemedicine. It’s definitely an affordable price to avoid the hassle of going to the doctor for a simple issue. This is also beneficial for people who live in rural areas.

Employers who wish to save money should consider telemedicine as an addition to their health plan. Employees who use telemedicine won’t need to take time away from work as often to see the doctor for simple or routine things. In addition to saving time, this plan also saves money. Healthier employees with more time to devote to work are a financial asset to the company. Employers considering this coverage should speak to an agent about the various options available.