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By March 1, 2012No Comments

The month of October usually marks the beginning of open enrollment for American workers who want benefits. This is the time of year when employees are able to join, change or drop their benefits. Recent research shows that 80% of workers feel that the workplace is the key source for savings products and personal insurance. American workers are enrolling in benefit plans for life insurance, long-term care insurance and disability coverage. The amount of workers signing up for life insurance is well over 75%. However, the number signing up for disability coverage isn’t much higher than 60%. The amount of workers signing up for Long-Term Care insurance is less than 25%.

One of the most important things people considering benefits should do is take the necessary time to do research and consider their options. These steps are necessary in order to make informed decisions. Workers who are considering enrolling in plans should speak to a qualified agent to discuss their options and which ones are best. It’s also important to talk to partners and family members about long-term financial needs prior to deciding on benefits. There are several online tools that are valuable for determining individual needs. Many consumers are balancing various priorities and expenses in the tough economy. However, investing time in considering benefits is a vital step in the right direction. Taking control of financial security in the future is an important part of life that every working person should take seriously. Although nearly every person is aware of the importance of selecting benefits, less than 75% of Americans proceed as far as enrollment.

It’s not surprising that employees spend large amounts of time focusing on health care benefits prior to enrolling. Since the cost of health care is constantly rising, this is an important factor. Although it is an important consideration, it’s also crucial for employees to pay attention to securing enough coverage to protect themselves from the impact of long-term care or disability in the future. Research shows that nearly 30% of employees entering the workforce today will be disabled before reaching retirement age. Employers are a vital part of helping employees understand their benefit options. They are also needed to help determine which products are best for each individual. Employers must take all necessary steps to ensure that their employees are properly informed before making such vital decisions.

Research shows that several communication methods are used for conveying choices to employees. Workplace emails take the lead as the top choice. Group meetings during work hours and regular mail are also popular choices of communication. These three mediums are also the most preferred among American employees in the workforce. It’s important for employers to evaluate their individual workplaces to determine which communication methods are best for their employees. It’s best to choose the best one in order to avoid overloading employees with information. If this happens, they’re less likely to realize the value of what they’re being offered.