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Construction Insurance Bulletin


By July 1, 2012No Comments

Anyone who works in construction knows the dangers — and costs — involved.

Accidents are expensive. For starters, a mishap will increase your General Liability and Workers Compensation premiums, as well as expenses for lawyers and other personnel brought in to investigate the incident. Other costs include reduced productivity and diminished morale, disruption of project work schedules, and other fees (such as OSHA fines). What’s more, you might well come under media scrutiny, leading to a loss of reputation that can be difficult — if not impossible — to repair.

On an industry-wide basis, workplace accidents make it harder to attract and keep new workers to meet current and projected needs. Although worker attrition is problematic throughout the economy, it’s a particular concern in construction. The industry historically has had trouble attracting and retaining good workers, due partly to its negative image as a dirty and dangerous occupation. Ironically, the high attrition rate — which is closely linked to unsafe working conditions — perpetuates itself because newer workers on a job site are more susceptible to accidents.

Reducing your risk of loss from accident is a two-part process. For starters, you’ll need a comprehensive insurance program that offers the best protection at the best price. Just as important, make sure that you develop, update, and enforce job site safety programs, with incentives to get your workforce involved.

Our insurance professionals stand ready to help you keep your workers safe — and your costs under control. Just give us a call.