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By November 1, 2012No Comments

Chances are that you’d never buy a new truck or front-end loader without trying it out to make sure it could do the job. Do you do the same for those who will be operating the equipment?

Safety experts recommend that any employee who will be driving a truck should receive a road test of their driving skills before being hired. The examiner should be fully qualified to operate the vehicle, and be familiar with the prospective operator’s past experience. The test should include these skills:

  • Use of all controls and traffic operations (including backing, parking, slowing, stopping, passing, and turning).
  • Such general driving habits as alertness, stamina, and patience.
  • Driving rules and regulations pertaining to the vehicle.
  • Handling the necessary actions and equipment for loading and unloading the vehicle.

For each skill or knowledge area tested, the applicant should receive a pass/fail grade. Each area of weakness should lead to further training or to a corresponding limitation in the scope of the applicant’s approved activities. Keep records and scores of these tests as documentation in the event of an accident or claim resulting from the applicant’s actions.

For more detailed suggestions on the format or content of driver exams, contact your trade association, state department of motor vehicles, or one of our risk professionals. Don’t forget the benefits of a solid driver training/testing program on your Commercial Auto insurance rates.

Your drivers are taking your vehicles and your insurance coverage on the road every time they drive. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make sure they’re capable of protecting both?