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Workplace Safety


By January 1, 2013No Comments

An Idaho woman who was collecting on a Workers Compensation claim for an alleged foot sprain, combined with a case of depression, decided that a change of scenery would be the perfect cure – or so it seemed.

Her suspicious employer retained the services of a professional claims investigation firm. The chase was on. First, the firm tracked the claimant down to a small tourist island off the coast of Washington and videotaped her as she ran errands around the island. Then another investigator followed the claimant by ferry to another island, where she got into a friend’s car and was filmed as she shopped and dined.

Later, the claimant was taped boarding a plane from Seattle to Boise, Idaho. In a single day, she was able to keep two doctor appointments in town, return to the Boise airport, and fly back to Seattle. She was back on the island soon, apparently walking quite well on her injured ankle and in a great mood for someone so depressed.

Once the employer turned the video over to the insurance company and the state insurance fraud division, we suspect that the claimant’s depression became quite real.

Although exposing Workers Comp scams might seem like the stuff of intrigue novels, businesses such as yours do it all the time. If you suspect fraud, please contact us. We can provide suggestions and solutions.