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By January 1, 2013No Comments

As you assess the impact of health issues – such as smoking, nutrition, and stress – on your workforce and your benefit programs and costs, don’t overlook the fact that most people covered under your programs might not be your employees. Family members (spouses, children, and other dependents) are also receiving benefits and creating losses. What risk management programs have you put in place to address them?

More and more businesses are looking for ways of reaching out to these groups with education about health risks. For example, studies have shown the Internet provides a particularly effective method for reaching teenagers. Acting on this conclusion, Kaiser Permanente created a Website called TeenSucceed that features health information, educational tools, and resources on a variety of teen issues, including peer pressure, depression, weight management, and general safety. By asking a teen a series of questions, the program can create a unique health web site for them.

Our benefits professionals can offer you many ways to expand your risk management programs beyond your employees. From supporting health education in local schools, to health fairs open to employees and their families, to reimbursement for health clubs, adding prevention education for dependents to your benefit programs might be the healthiest move (for your employees and your benefits) that you’ve made in years!

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