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By February 1, 2013No Comments

News flash: An estimated half of all working caregivers identify emotional issues as their main cause of stress.

In a survey by ComPsych, 46% of respondents described dealing with emotional issues as their major cause of stress, while others cited financial and legal concerns (26%), providing day-to-day assistance (20%), and spending time on the phone or in person with a relative (8%).

“These findings show the need for offering a combination of elder care support through work-life services alongside an Employee Assistance Program,” said ComPsych Chairman Richard Chaifetz. “This integrated approach helps resolve the full array of employee issues related to elder care, from stress and relationship problems, to care referrals, to financial and legal concerns.”

Meanwhile, a survey from SeniorBridge Family, a New York-based elder care service provider, found that 30% of working caregivers believe that elder care responsibilities strain their job performance and marriage; 41% of caregivers worry six or more times per week about the well-being of the person for whom they care.

If you believe that your workforce would benefit from an EAP, let us review the choices with you and recommend a program that fits your company’s needs.