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Your Employee Matters


By March 1, 2013No Comments

I recently responded to the LinkedIn question “How can a company attract and maintain top talent?” in this way:

“Although you’ll get many responses about technique and strategy, in my experience that’s just the beginning of the answer. There’s a significant emotional aspect to the question. In the words of the Buddha, “What comes to you comes from you.” So that’s what I’ll focus on in this answer; the emotional blockages that stop things from coming to you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you really willing to do what it takes to attract and keep great talent?
  • Are you willing to hire somebody better than you? Or even better than their manager?
  • Does driving towards excellence scare you? Are you prepared to hire the top 10%?
  • Would you fit in this category?
  • Is there such a thing as an “overqualified” applicant?
  • Are you open to hiring and managing different types of people? Can you hire without baggage?
  • Do you make a conscious effort to show people you care – or is this just your self-talk?
  • Do you allow employees to make a difference? To stretch? To find the good in their work?
  • Do you let go of poor performers, thus making room for more good ones?
  • Does leadership give a hoot about people, or simply growing their bottom-line?
  • Is this a fun place to work or is the attitude that fun and work don’t mix?

Most importantly, think about your own experience. Why would you work somewhere or stay there? “