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By May 1, 2013No Comments

The more heavily your business relies on electronic technology, the greater your vulnerability to cybercriminals.

Criminal activity conducted through the Internet impacts businesses of all sizes. One study found that companies with 100 or fewer employees accounted for 72% of data breaches worldwide.

Today’s cybercrimes put your grandmothers’ spam email list to shame. According to a nationwide study by Ponemon Institute, the median annual cost of cybercrime for a large company in 2011 came to $5.9 million.

Cybercrime covers a variety of activities, from malicious codes and hacks in which private client or company information is made public or stolen, to disruption of normal operations. Perpetrators include rogue employees, “hacktivists” seeking to make a political statement, or third parties seeking financial gain.

Businesses, such as coffee shops, that allow customers on their premises to use Wi-Fi face unique risks. In one case, a Hollywood producer sued the owner of a restaurant offering Wi-Fi access after a customer used the network to download a film for bootlegging.

To help protect your business against potential losses from cybercrime, here are some recommendations:

1 – Review your specific exposures. For example, if you allow people outside the company to use your WiFi, this can increase your exposure.
2 – Focus on the human element in data security by offering employees effective training and specific guidelines.
3 – Re-evaluate your guidelines frequently.
4 – Evaluate the potential risks of adopting new technology.

Last, but not least, make sure that you carry adequate Cyber Liability Insurance.

Our agency would be happy to tailor cost-effective coverage to your needs, and help you develop and implement a comprehensive program for managing your exposure to cybercrime.