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Construction Insurance Bulletin


By April 1, 2014No Comments

The explosive growth of applications for iPhones and iPads includes a variety of tools that construction professionals can use for instant access to a wealth of information.  Here are eight apps that can help save you time and money on the job:

1.      SmartBidNet. Use this iPhone bid management app for rapid and secure access to the information needed to track the bid process with subcontractors and companies.

2.       GoBIM. This app provides access for navigating 3D building information management (BIM) models and their associated data. The size of the model the app can handle depends on the number of triangles, parameters, and materials.

3.      FingerCAD allows users to use their fingers for computer-assisted technical drawings, save the final design, and print or e-mail it.

4.      Architect’s Formulator provides more than 200 formulas for electrical, carpentry, excavation and plumbing calculations. It can also be used to design everything from steel buildings to parking areas – and even swimming pools.

5.      Carpenter’s Helper helps measure such construction elements as roof pitch, rafter lengths, and stair lengths.  It includes a graphical interface that will calculate stair, roof, and floor projects.

6.      Builders Helper. This iPhone app deals with a number of elements in constructions projects: rafters, columns, concrete, stairs, drywall, painting, decking, roof, flooring, and more.


7.      Fast Concrete Pad Calculator provides a helpful tool for determining the quantities and costs of concrete, rebar, and waste materials on a project.


8.      Drywall Calculators, Use this app to estimate the number of drywall sheets needed to finish the input area.


To learn more about these high-tech tools, just give us a call at any time.