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Construction Insurance Bulletin

Control the Perimeter: the entire site and your work area

By June 3, 2014No Comments

Control traffic through all work areas to prevent distractions, overcrowding or unsafe conditions. Two perimeters should be guarded: the entire work space whether a construction jobsite, a restaurant kitchen, or a manufacturing floor; and the immediate work area where your crew or individual are working.

The safest work space is a very controlled environment. Jobs are dangerous by nature and require training and equipment to be done safely. Unfamiliar or unwanted people do not belong in the work space because they bring uncertainty and bad habits with them.

Labor intensive work sites should be designed with one entrance and many exits. Everyone entering needs to have proper safety gear and training regarding operational safety awareness. Part of that awareness is the sanctity of the individual or team work space.

The best example is excavating. While an excavator is loading trucks, people need to be further than the reach of the boom, in a complete circle around the machine. While a good operator can make an excavator look graceful, they are a hard hitting piece of equipment best avoided.

Manufacturers divide floor space into units. Only knowledgeable mechanics need to be in that space.

Prep space and cooking space is often divided in kitchens so knives are only used in a safe area and cross contamination is minimal.

Overcrowding creates poor work conditions and leads to injuries. Nothing is more frustrating than being bumped around while you’re trying to work. Adequate space leads to efficiency and safety. And reducing distractions keeps focus on task.

Every shift, supervisors should check the security of the gross perimeter and assure it has not been breached. Then, within the space where employees operate, the individual or manager should police traffic into their space. Control both perimeters for effective safety.