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Do you Own Expensive Jewelry? Store it Properly

By June 3, 2014No Comments

Your expensive jewelry is worth a great deal of money, but it probably also holds sentimental value. Store your jewelry properly to protect it for many years to come.


Because they are so hard, diamonds will scratch other gems. Store them in a divided case or fabric-lined box for protection.


Soft pearls scratch easily. Protect them when you store them in a tightly sealed fabric bag. You’ll also want to keep your pearls out of direct sunlight to prevent them from turning yellow.

Other Gems

If you collect jewelry that features soft gemstones, be sure to wrap each piece in an individual bag. Protect your jewelry from extreme temperatures too. These precautions ensure the long-term beauty and longevity of your gems.

Gold and Silver

Easily tarnished and scratched, gold and silver jewelry requires special care. Prevent tarnishing when you limit jewelry’s exposure to moisture and store gold and silver pieces in a bag that can breathe. Toss in silica gel, white chalk or charcoal for good measure. Avoid scratches when you store individual pieces separately.

Protect Your Jewelry From Burglars

Storing your expensive jewelry is half the battle. Now, you need to protect it from burglars. To do that, choose a safe hiding spot.

*Diversion safes can be anything from a book or battery to a can of soup or water bottle. They look like an everyday household item but hide your expensive gems.

*A fireproof safe bolted to the floor secures your jewelry collection.

*Safe deposit boxes hold your jewelry in a bank where they’re the last likely to be targeted by thieves.

*An adequate insurance policy ensures your jewelry is protected if it would be stolen, lost or damaged.

Your expensive jewelry collection might be challenging to store, but you can do it with the right supplies. When stored properly, your gems, gold and silver are protected and secure.