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Get the Most from Your Insurance Company Safety Engineer

By July 1, 2014No Comments

They have a reputation for being a bit dogmatic, but if you embrace this quality, loss control engineers from the insurance company can be great resources. And why should they compromise when it comes to employee safety.

Safety involves properly planning and preparing to do each job correctly. Isn’t this goal shared by your production team?

Safety planning, like any standard operating procedure, begins with defining the task at hand, just taking a moment to think through the process. Consider the risk associated with the job.

Your loss control representative probably has safety procedures, equipment and personal protection requirements written for most tasks. Request these and incorporate them into your processes.

Create a safety culture for your business. Safety is and should be provided as the number one employee benefit. Ask your insurance company representative to provide lunch pail topics or handouts, OSHA bulletins, or safety posters.

Executives should embrace the safety messages and be part of the prevention and investigation team. Learn from the labor force – they have more time to consider safety issues, and more incentive.

For example, if a specific safety procedure is a constant source of complaints, work with the staff affected and the safety engineer. Some procedures or protective equipment can be modified if bottom line safety is not compromised.

Take responsibility for the on-the-job safety of your employees. Don’t blame the insurance guy for requiring hardhats or keeping the public out of your garage area. Own that responsibility. Require proper personal protection, restrict the public from dangerous work zones.

When the safety inspector makes an appointment, embrace their knowledge and bring up any concerns you have about your operations. Let them know in advance, and you’ll get a few good, useful tips.

If you have in house safety staff, instruct them to listen, safety is a collaboration of good ideas.