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Starting a Family? Here’s Why It’s Time to Consider Life Insurance

By October 4, 2014No Comments

Having a baby will be one of the most exciting events in your life. It’s life-changing, and you and your partner probably thought long and hard before making the decision. As you plan for the arrival of your baby, go beyond buying clothes and decorating the baby’s new room. It’s equally important to think about practical matters such as preparing for the unthinkable with life insurance.

Time for Life Insurance?

Before starting a family, you may not feel a need for life insurance. You might be single and not have anyone else depending on your income. Or, your spouse might also be a breadwinner and able to fend for him or herself if something happened to you. Once you have a child, the situation changes. Getting life insurance is just one more way in which you’re going to need to be more responsible as you’re a parent.

Secure Your Baby’s Future

First, your baby is depending on you for financial support. It’s going to be a long time until your child grows up and is financially independent. If you’re not around to bring in some money, how would your family survive? Getting a life insurance policy can ensure that there would be enough money coming in even if something happens to you.

Consider Your Household’s Changes in Income

Second, your household may be transitioning if you or your spouse is planning to stop working and stay at home with the baby. You may be getting by on only one income instead of two, making it even more important for the working parent to take out a life insurance policy. If something should happen to the working parent, the surviving parent and your child would still have an income.

Starting a family gives your life a whole new direction. Do your best to be prepared for anything by getting life insurance that’ll protect your child should something happen to you.