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Why It’s Time to Quit Smoking

By October 4, 2014No Comments

Are you among the majority of smokers who’s been thinking about quitting? Maybe you just need a little more motivation before you take that first step. These are some reasons why it’s time to quit.

It’s not cool anymore.

There was a time when smoking was “in.” Hollywood portrayed it as glamorous. It was the thing to do when you hung out with coworkers or friends. That’s not true anymore. Only one in five American adults is a smoker. You can’t have a smoke in most restaurants. In some places, you can’t even smoke within 20 feet of a public building. Being a smoker is like being an outcast.

You can’t afford it.

The cost of a pack of cigarettes varies by state, and can be about $5 to $15. If you’re smoking a pack a day, that’s as much as $5,000 per year on cigarettes. Unless you’re wealthy, you can probably think of a few other uses for $5,000. What about a down payment on a new car? Do you think your family might like to go on vacation?

It’s killing you.

There’s no question about it. Smoking kills. Tobacco is the number one killer in the U.S., leading to one in five American deaths. Nearly a half million people die each year because of tobacco, and millions more are living with tobacco-related health problems, such as the following.

* Emphysema
* Cancer
* Heart disease
* Bronchitis
* Diabetes

Life insurance companies know the cost of smoking.

If you want to know how long you’re likely to live, ask a life insurance company. Providers are experts at managing risk. They charge premiums based on carefully calculations of your chances of surviving the policy until the policy term is over. You can eat right, be at a healthy weight, and be free from chronic conditions, but no matter how healthy you are otherwise, you’re still not eligible for the lowest-cost premiums. You’re won’t be offered “Preferred Plus” or even “Preferred.” The best you can hope for is “Preferred Nicotine.” From the point of view of life insurance companies, you’re just too great of a risk to insure for a low cost.

Quitting smoking it tough, but it’s worth it and you can get help. Ask your doctor about strategies and resources, and surround yourself with people to support your efforts.