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Five Steps Keep Food Safe and Employees Healthy at Work

By April 1, 2015No Comments

Are you planning to celebrate World Health Day on April 7? This year’s theme is food safety, and it’s an important topic because two million people die each year from consuming unsafe food. Plus, over 200 diseases spread through food that’s contaminated by bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemicals. Follow five important tips at work that keep food safe and employees healthy this month and year round.


  1. Promote Cleanliness


Nobody wants to clean the break room, but cleanliness is the first step in food safety, so make sure someone takes responsible to:


*Disinfect the counters and tables daily.

*Wash and dry the dishes daily.

*Clean the fridge weekly.


While you’re promoting break room cleanliness in the break room, remember to wash your hands before  and after you eat.


  1. Separate Raw and Cooked Foods


Whether you bring or buy meals, strictly ensure that raw and cooked foods remain separate. Use designated cutting boards, cooking utensils and storage containers to ensure your meals and snacks remain safe to consume.


  1. Cook Food Thoroughly


Did you bring your famous egg omelets or beef soup to work? Heat your food properly. Soups and stews should be brought to boiling, and heat meats and poultry to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.


  1. Keep Food at Safe Temperatures


Have you ever gotten distracted and forgotten about your food in the microwave? Cooked foods that sit at room temperature for longer than two hours are unsafe to eat. Monitor your food and eat it as soon as it’s hot. Then refrigerate cooked and perishable foods immediately as you maintain safe food temperatures.


  1. Use Safe Water and Raw Materials


Food safety depends on safe ingredients. Prepare beverages with water that’s safe to drink, and wash all fruits and veggies before you consume them. Toss expired foods right away for added food safety.


You don’t expect to get sick from your lunch break. That’s why you’ll want to follow five food safety steps at work. They help you and your coworkers celebrate World Health Day and stay healthy.