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Fourth of July Safety Tips

By July 1, 2016No Comments

lh-july16-2 (1)Fourth of July fireworks, parades and cookouts are an excuse for you to relax with family and friends. As you plan your celebration this year, take several steps to ensure safety for everyone involved in celebrating the United States’ birthday.

Use Fireworks Safely

Public fireworks displays are the safest way to enjoy the beautiful colors and terrific booms of this July 4th tradition, especially when you maintain a distance of at least 500 feet between you and the show. Firework displays at home can be fun though too. If you go that route, take these precautions.

    • Follow the instructions on the packaging.
    • Never allow children to play with the fireworks.
    • Stock a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby.
    • Wear eye protection when lighting fireworks.
    • Remove flammable materials from the area.
    • Never point fireworks toward people, animals, vehicles or structures.
    • Properly dispose of duds rather than trying to relight them.

Take Precautions While Grilling

Burgers, hot dogs, fruit and pizza taste delicious when they’re grilled. Grab your favorite side dishes and follow a few precautions that ensure you and your guests grill safely.

    • Always supervise the grill when it’s in use.
    • Never grill indoors or in a fully enclosed area such as a garage or tent.
    • Use lighter fluid sparingly and never after the coals are ignited.
    • Keep children and pets away from the hot grill.
    • Remove flammable objects, including trees, from near the grill.
    • Use long-handled tools to handle food.

Stay Safe on the Beach

Swimming is a fun summer activity, and it’s good exercise. At the beach, lake, public pool or backyard pool, stay safe with these tips.

    • Swim only in designated areas.
    • Obey the lifeguard and all posted signs.
    • Swim sober.
    • Get out of the water during a storm or if you hear thunder or see lightening.
    • Require children to wear life jackets.
    • Don’t dive into shallow water.

Wear Sun Bathing Protection

Picnics are part of many July 4th celebrations. You should also take these protective measures.

    • Wear sunscreen that’s at least 15 SPF.
    • Remember to apply sunscreen to your ears, hair part and the tops of your feet.
    • Avoid direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the UV rays are strongest.
    • Reapply sunscreen every two to three hours or more frequently if you’re sweating.
    • Drink plenty of water even if you’re not thirsty.
    • Wear a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves if you have to be in direct sunlight.
    • Watch for signs of heat stroke, including hot, red skin, shallow breathing and rapid, weak pulse.

Your July 4th celebration will be safe when you take these steps. For more advice, talk to your health insurance agent. He or she stands ready to help you have the best birthday party ever.