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How to Follow Up on a Job Application and Not Be Annoying

By September 9, 2016No Comments


em-sept2016-4You’ve applied for a job, and now you wait. But you don’t want to wait too long and miss out on the position or appear overzealous and pester the hiring manager. These tips can help you follow up on a job application without being annoying.

Connect With the Hiring Manager

In addition to submitting your application to the appropriate email address, send your application to the hiring manager. Find his or her email address on the company’s website or by calling the company’s switchboard.

State in your email that you followed the appropriate application submission channels but are also reaching out to the hiring manager personally. You can also reiterate that you think you’re a good match for the job and look forward to talking more when the hiring manager begins scheduling interviews.

Don’t Send Paper Follow Ups

Thank-you letters used to be acceptable, but hiring managers now prefer electronic follow ups. Plus, an email is easy to forward to other departments or colleagues for whom you may be a good fit.

Nix the Packages

You might think that homemade brownies or a high-end watch will grab a recruiter’s attention. Packages are actually turn-offs, so don’t use them to follow up.

Follow Up Once

It’s okay to follow up once on a job application, but wait at least a week after you apply and only email once. Repeated contact annoys hiring managers and could land your application in the trash can. You did your part and must now wait until the company decides who they will interview.

Utilize LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can easily see if you know someone at the company where you applied. Contact that colleague and find out more about the company as you prepare for a potential interview.

Stay Classy

Reaching out on social media without the hiring manager’s permission or showing up uninvited at the office is creepy. Stay classy to improve your chances of landing the job.

Keep a Follow Up Calendar

If you apply for multiple jobs at one time, you could get confused about whom you’re supposed to follow up with. Start a follow up calendar that lists all the applications you send out and the hiring managers for each job. The calendar will help you follow up in a timely manner and stay organized.

Continue Your Job Search

It’s painful to realize that you may not get the job to which you applied. Give yourself permission to move on. Apply for another job as you find the best company for you.

Your next job could be one email away. Follow up the right way as you apply for a job.