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How to Take Time Off From Your Hectic Job

By October 10, 2016No Comments

1610-em-3The average American leaves more than two full days of vacation time on the table every year. That may not sound like much, but time off from work is crucial for your productivity and well-being. So how can you make time for vacation when you have a hectic job? Try these tips.

Be Assertive With Your Manager

Your manager has the right to limit when you can take vacation. He or she may insist that everyone work during busy seasons, and two people in your department may be discouraged from taking off at the same time. However, you need to ensure that you get the time and the break you need and deserve.

Make an appointment to talk with your manager and express your reasons, including long-term sustainability and increased productivity, for taking off. He or she should be able to see the long-term benefits of allowing you to take the break you need.

Plan Coverage

Part of your hesitancy to take vacation is because you have so many responsibilities. Increase your willingness to take a break when you plan coverage for your duties.

Document how to do each element of your job, and include details about how to handle your clients’ needs. Then discuss the plan with your manager. Delegating responsibilities and assigning staff to handle your voicemails ensures your job gets done and helps you enjoy your vacation without worrying about whether or not your job is being done.

Prepare a Way to Check In

Unplugging completely is the best way to take a vacation. You need time to unwind. Realistically, though, you may need to check in occasionally and answer questions or handle issues.

As long as you can still maximize your relaxation, prepare a plan for checking in. You may agree to read your email or check your voicemail once a day or every two days. Or maybe you only respond to messages that are marked as urgent as you stay in touch but still get away from the daily grind.

Don’t Wait for a Good Time

Due to the nature of your job, it may never be a good time to take off. If you wait for a good time, though, you may never get the vacation that you need.

Instead, grab your calendar and decide when you want to take your vacation days.  You can then plan coverage for your duties instead of wondering if you should take off.

Your work performance and well-being improve when you take vacation. Despite your hectic job, you can take the time off you need when you use these tips.