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Questions to Ask Before You Relocate for Your Job

By November 4, 2016No Comments

1611-er-4Relocating or work can be a good move for your career. Before you commit to a relocation, ask several questions to make sure you’re prepared.

Who Pays for the Move?

If your current company is relocating you into a different position, they may pay all the moving expenses. Verify this detail, though, or you could end up paying the bill.

What is the Cost of Living in My New Town?

Moving across the country or even to a different town in your state could mean a big difference in housing, taxes and other living costs. Research the cost of living and compare it to your expected salary as  you ensure you can afford the move.

How Will the Work Environment Change?

The work environment often reflects local culture, values and way of life. Your new office may be more laid back, more stressful or more energetic, which affects the pace of the day, your stress level and your work wardrobe. Find out as much as you can about the work environment to ensure you can be successful in the new position.

What Will the Benefits Package be Like?

The employee benefits you enjoy now may change if you relocate to a different office. You may also need to switch doctors and banks. Ask Human Resources to define any benefit changes that result from your relocation.

How will Relocating Advance My Career?

A relocation should ideally advance your career with additional training, development and promotion opportunities or it may be a requirement for future advancement. If the relocation keeps you stuck where you’re at now, you may wish to stay where you are.

What Will the Daily Commute be Like?

The way you get to work may seem like a small detail, but your new commute could require you to drive on busy city highways, take public transportation or bike or walk to work. These changes may also require you to upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle, deal with overcrowded public transportation or adapt to walking, and you need to be prepared.

In What Ways Will the Move Affect My Family and Relationships?

Any move has the potential to affect your family and relationships. Carefully consider your support system, family’s needs and friendships as you decide to move or not.

How Long Does the Relocation Last?

You may love or hate your new job and city, so clarify how long you’re required to stay. You may need to commit to the new location for a year or longer, but double check.

While a new job can bring many benefits, you do need to prepare yourself to relocate. Ask these questions as you get ready to make the big change.