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Why You Can be Grateful for a Frustrating Job

By November 4, 2016No Comments


A frustrating job dampens your enthusiasm and makes going to work difficult. That job may be a blessing, though. Choose to be grateful for your frustrating job that gives you several benefits.

Learn More From a Job You Don’t Like

You’ll learn valuable lessons from every job you every have, but it’s the frustrating jobs that tend to teach us the most. Learn skills like patience, negotiation or consistency as you show up each day.

Find Your True Career Calling

Your frustrating job may teach you that you don’t like working in customer service, sales or data entry. As you cross careers off your list, you can narrow down your choices and find a career you really love.

Develop Perseverance

It’s easy to quit, but unemployment isn’t fun. Learn to persevere at your frustrating job, and you’ll gain an invaluable trait that will help you in all areas of life.

Enjoy the Benefits

Many jobs include an employee benefits package. Take advantage of those benefits and open a 401(k) account or get your physical health in order. Remember to look for other benefits, too, such as a short commute, casual Friday or tuition assistance. Even though you may not like the work, you can enjoy the valuable benefits.

Learn From Your Co-Workers

Some frustrating jobs are that way because of your co-workers. However, there may be one or two people in the company who can teach you valuable lessons like consistency, forgiveness or empowerment. You might also get leads to networking events, gain a solid job reference or find an exercise buddy as you learn from your co-workers.

Become a Better Leader

The leadership at your current job may contribute to its frustration. Maybe they don’t trust their employees, aren’t available to answer questions or contribute to the toxic environment. You’ll be a better leader at your future positions as you see how not to act.

Experience a Catalyst for Change

When life is comfortable, you have no reason to change. A frustrating job may be exactly what your career needs since you can put up with the job indefinitely or get your resume in order and find a different job.

Choose to be Thankful

Despite the frustrations, your job is providing the financial resources you need to live. Choose to be thankful for it. Gratitude enhances your personal life and can help you live longer, so start a gratitude list. As you look for things that are good, you may be surprised at how good your job really is.

A frustrating job is challenging. It can be a huge asset to your career, though, especially when you’re grateful for it.