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10 Steps to Keeping Employee Parking Lots Safe

By June 2, 2017No Comments
Have you ever considered the safety of your parking lot? Criminal activity, inclement weather and fender benders are all events that can affect the safety of your valued employees. Several steps ensure you are keeping employee parking lots safe.

    1. Install Lighting

      A well-lit parking lot helps employees feel safe and decreases criminal activity since burglars or vandals can’t hide in the shadows. Install enough lights to illuminate your entire parking area, including corners and building entrances.

    1. Monitor the Lot

      Security cameras or security guards add a layer of protection to your employee parking lot. They deter criminal activity and notice any safety hazards.

    1. Mark the Lot

      Every parking space should be clearly marked, and you should mark arrows on the ground that direct traffic flow. This step helps drivers navigate the parking lot successfully, especially during rush hour.

    1. Provide Security Escorts

      There’s safety in numbers. If possible, assign security staff to walk employees to and from their cars every day or encourage employees to walk with a buddy or group.

    1. Perform Repairs

      As soon as you notice a blown light or see faded parking space markings, replace or repair the problem.

    1. Provide Safe Waiting Areas

      Employees should never have to wait alone in the parking lot. Provide safe place to wait in case someone locks their keys in their car, has to wait for a ride or otherwise can’t leave work immediately.

    1. Report Odd or Suspicious Activity

      Encourage your employees to join you in looking for and then reporting odd or suspicious behavior such as:

      • Unfamiliar people or anyone who looks like they don’t belong.
      • Someone wandering aimlessly through the lot.
      • People carrying large bags or concealing objects.
      • A person who peers into parked cars or tries to open the door handles.
      • Someone conducting business from a vehicle.
      • Anyone who sits in a parked vehicle for an extended time.
    1. Plan for Inclement Weather

      Ice, snow, slippery leaves and other inclement weather can pose a safety hazard as employees walk into work. Remove snow, spread ice melter and sweep away slippery leaves as you promote safety.

    1. Teach Self-Defense Tactics

      Empower your employees with basic self-defense training. They will feel confident in potentially dangerous situations at work and anywhere.

    1. Post Safety Signs

      Visual reminders help your employees remember and follow safe parking lot practices. These written rules can include reminders to:

      • Stay alert.
      • Pay attention to your surroundings.
      • Walk with another person when possible.
      • Have your key ready before you reach your car.
      • Lock your doors.
      • Don’t linger in the lot.

These 10 steps go a long way toward keeping employee parking lots safe. Consider implementing them as soon as possible.