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What is a Farms/Ranches Business Owners Policy

By June 14, 2017No Comments

As a farmer or rancher, you may produce a variety of products. Maybe you grow grain, flowers or fruit, raise cattle, horses or alpacas, or manage fish ponds, chicken barns or a custom farming fleet. A farms/ranches business owners policy is essential for protecting your livelihood.

What is a Farms/Ranches Business Owners Policy?

A regular homeowners’ policy covers your home if it’s damaged, and it may give you some liability coverage. This policy won’t give you the protection you need for your farm or ranch business, outbuildings or livestock, though. You need a specialized farms/ranches business owners policy with several layers of protection.

What Does a Farms/Ranches Business Owners Policy Cover?

Farm and ranch owners may customize their business owners insurance policy. In general, your farms/ranches business owners policy covers:

  • House – Repair or replace your farm or ranch house and any possessions i
  • Liability – Cover medical and legal expenses you may incur if someone is injured while visiting your farm or ranch.
  • Livestock – Receive financial reimbursement if your livestock are stolen, attacked by dogs or wild animals, accidentally drown or are shot, suffer electrocution or die during a natural disaster or collision.
  • Machinery and equipment – Replace damaged, lost or stolen tractors, wagons and other machinery and equipment you own, borrow, rent or lease for farm or ranching activities.
  • Structures – Cover farm/ranch structures, including barns, pens, fences, silos, machine sheds and other buildings, that may be damaged, stolen or vandalized during a weather incident or other incident.

Additionally, you may customize your farms/ranches business owners policy with a schedule that’s based on your specific farm or ranch operation. If something on your farm or ranch is not listed on the schedule, it may not be covered if it’s damaged, lost, stolen or vandalized.

Ask your insurance agent about these optional coverages, too.

  • Accidental Direct Physical Loss
  • Amendatory Deductible on Cab Glass
  • Chemical Drift
  • Custom Farming
  • Crop Dusting
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Extra Expense
  • Fire on Growing Grain
  • Hired Auto
  • Incidental Business
  • Limited Pollution Liability
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Seasonal Coverage

Where do you Buy a Farms/Ranches Business Owners Policy?

A farms/ranches business owners policy is a valuable investment. To purchase a policy, talk to your insurance agent. Discuss your unique needs, business and budget and create a policy that’s right for you. For example, you may choose a policy with high liability limits if you conduct school tours on your farm or ranch, and the size of your farm or ranch affects the amount of coverage you will buy.

A farms/ranches business owners policy gives you peace of mind and valuable protection for your home and your business. Understand what it is as you operate your farm or ranch.