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Benefits and Risks of Hiring Temporary Employees

By August 16, 2017No Comments

As many as two million individuals look for temporary employment each day. Consider the benefits and risks of hiring temporary employees as you decide if this option is right for your company.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees

Save Money

In general, temporary employees are cheaper to employ than permanent ones. That’s because you won’t have to pay to fingerprint and drug test them, and you are exempt from providing benefits. Over time, your company will save money when you employ temporary employees.

Quickly Fill Open Positions

Vacations, maternity or disability leaves, sudden staff departures or busy seasons can tax your workforce. In addition to overwhelmed staff, you could suffer quality control issues or safety challenges. Use temporary employees to help handle the workload and quickly fill open positions.

Part Ways Easily

Firing a permanent employee for incompetence or personality challenges takes time and requires you to follow several laws. Alternatively, you can release a temporary employee fairly easily, allowing you to continue your search for the right candidate for the position.

Fill Permanent Positions

Temporary employees can be excellent candidates for the permanent positions you need to fill. Studies show that they are reliable. They also already know the job, co-workers and procedures and can step into the job with a short adjustment period.

Risks of Hiring Temporary Employees

Training Takes Time

Unless the temporary employee has worked for you before, they will need training on company procedures and the specific job for which they are hired. This training takes time and ties up you or your key employees, which can affect a project’s deadline.

Safety Concerns

Studies show that injuries rise on job sites that employ temporary employees. Despite the best training, a temporary employee might make a safety mistake that jeopardizes everyone. A supervisor will have to observe a temporary employee carefully until there is no doubt that they can perform their job with complete safety.

Decreased Morale

Temporary employees works alongside your permanent employees but do not receive the same benefits. They also may work slowly or make mistakes, which can affect production. These and other challenges can affect morale in your workforce.

Legal Recourse

A workers’ status and eligibility for benefits must be monitored carefully. Be sure to treat temporary employees with the same respect you give permanent employees, too. Any discrepancies could result in legal action against your company.

Temporary employees can benefit your company, but they also carry risks. Be informed with the facts about temporary employees as you make the right choice for your company.