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Before Purchasing Collectibles Insurance, Learn the Value of Your Collection

By August 17, 2017No Comments

Your collection is valuable to you. Whether your items are family heirlooms, a financial investment or a hobby, protect your treasures with collectibles insurance. To ensure you purchase adequate insurance coverage, use these resources to find the value of your collectibles.


Founded by collectors and designed for collectors, Gemr focuses on the collector’s journey of acquisition, discovery and appreciation. This means you can learn the value of your items, connect with like-minded people, display your collectibles and buy and sell items.

Go Antiques

Discover your collection’s value and history then browse virtual warehouses filled with collectibles from over 1,000 dealers worldwide. You’ll gain valuable information about your collection and have fun.


Created to answer the question, “What’s it worth?”, lets you search through thousands of listings. Use the site to identify your items, authenticate them and find their value.


Search the price guide on to find out what your collection is worth. Then browse the archived newsletters to learn more about the history or your collectibles.

Krause Books

Learn more about your collection and discover its value when you visit With this site, you can also connect with buyers and sellers and read current hobby news.

My Granny’s Attic Antiques

Use this website to research your antiques, art and other collectibles. Not only will you discover what they’re worth, but you’ll also learn more about them and gain a greater appreciation for your collection.

This website offers valuable information on almost any collectible imaginable. Written by collectors, it compiles hundreds of articles that help you discover your collection’s worth and learn more about buying and selling pieces.

Value My Stuff

Specialists in over 40 collecting categories will appraise your items and email you an online certificate that verifies your item’s value. Simply upload pictures and details of your items.


Find almost any collectible and its worth when you chat with a professional appraiser on You can also connect with other collectors and share information and stories about your items.

For specialized collections, check out these sites.

  • American Philatelic Society – stamps
  • Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. – classic, ancient, medieval and British coins
  • – coins and precious metals
  • Comic Book Collecting Association – comic books
  • Vinfolio – wine
  • Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books – Swarovski crystal
  • YuleLog Software – Hallmark Keepsake ornaments and Department 56

Collectibles are often valuable financially and for sentimental reasons. Protect your investment with adequate collectibles insurance. Learn more about the value of your collection by visiting these websites or talk to your insurance agent.